Constructed of tiny Microfunnels for managing build-up of moisture. Can be used in Food & Beverage, Medical, and other applicable industries.


Prevents re-absorption of liquid.


Functions as a natural barricade from condensation.

Medical Plastic Packaging

Custom Printed Dual Pocket, Zipper Sealed Transport Pouch

Our Safti-Keeper®, a high density polyethylene pouch that is used for transporting test tubes and specimens. The heavy gauge containment system prevents spillage and contamination for medical and technical staff.

  • Contains Vispore®, with Microfunnels®, producing a one-way flow system.
  • Traps liquids and prevents re-absorption.
  • Clear plastic sides show condition of vial or container before opening.
  • Re-closable zipper
  • Dual Pocket Bag - Main pouch for specimen, outer pocket ensures dry paperwork involving patient ID.
  • Printed surface for writing patient information.
  • Various materials available in construction.

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