Flexo Transparent has developed a unique, cost effective, standup hot food pouch for keeping hot roasted food fresh. The Chicken Keeper® has been developed using a Vispore® liner to keep condensation and grease away. These hot food pouches were developed to keep rotisserie chicken crisp in the grocery deli department. Click on our Vispore® link to learn more about our Vispore® liner.

  • Displays up to 20% more product on the same rotisserie warming racks used for dome packaging.
  • No production changes by staff needed.
  • Entices impulse buying with a convenient handle.
  • Chicken is perceived to be larger than viewed in dome containers.
  • Builds store branding with customized standup pouch store graphics.
  • No additional labeling needed.
  • Compact bags, save storage space.
  • 67% smaller carbon footprint than plastic domes.
  • Re-sealable and leak resistant.
  • Microwave safe for customer convenience.

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