Whether you are a seasoned expert in the flexible packaging industry or a new business developing packaging for the first time, our quality assurance team will assist you in deciding on the ideal package for your product. Our Analysis Lab provides a variety of valuable resources for any stage of your packaging development process. Our goal is to put your mind at ease, assuring you that the packaging decisions you make will be cost-effective for your company and exceeding industry standards for your customers. Our team can test plastic film for many different aspects of production, including:

Color Measurement (LAB Value)
Used to determine a specification for an acceptable color range instead of just what looks good "by eye". This reduces color variation from package to package.

Color Matching
Flexo can read a color off a film sample to match an exact color or determine the closest PMS color in our printing process.

Scuff Resistance of Ink
Determines how durable the ink needs to be to survive transportation and shelving

Ink Adhesion
Ensures ink will not peel or pick off plastic film.

Opacity Levels
Measures the amount of white or any other color ink to determine acceptable print appearance.

Varnish Quality
Calculates coating weight of the varnish to establish minimum amounts for a high-quality product.

Accurate Gauge Testing
Confirms the thickness of a film sample to guarantee appropriate film strength.

Shrink Properties
Shows how the art on the film will mold around your product being packaged.

Oxygen Barrier Capability
Measures the amount of oxygen allowed to go through the film, which helps determine the shelf life of the product being packaged.

Moisture Barrier Capability
Measures the amount of water vapor allowed to go through the film, which helps determine the shelf life of the product being packaged.

Percentage of Haze or Clarity of Film
Measures clarity of film, which is important when show casing product inside your package.

Tensile Properties of Film
Measures the strength or the elasticity of film before it breaks.

Compositional Analysis
Denotes the exact materials a film sample is made of (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, etc.).

Pouch Configuration
Create hand sample or mock-up of pouch for review.

Seal Strength
Measure the strength of a seal or how difficult a package is to open.

Coefficient of Friction (COF)
Assesses the amount of friction in the film. This determines how much "slip" your package will have when running through your packaging lines as well as help establish the raw material properties needed for your loading machines.

Perforation Strength
Evaluates tear-off strength (force needed to peel a perforation apart). This is the ideal measurement for loading machines at your packaging sites.

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