We provide just-in time delivery, EDI order handling, inventory management & continuous replacement, materials traceability & other lean supply chain services.

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Our Lean Supplier Services include:

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) - To maintain a customer’s inventory at agreed upon levels. VMI allows Flexo Transparent to continuously monitor your inventory.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) - Transfer your orders, usage, inventory levels and other data fast, automatically and error free using EDI, Electronic Data Interchange.

CRP (Continuous Replenishment Program) - We can automatically ensure on-time replenishment of your packaging material inventories when we are couple to your operations with using EDI to the electronically transfer of data.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - We can also link with your scheduling and production management systems using FTP.

Certifications - Flexo Transparent complies with the following standards to further ensure Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

AIB (American Institute of Baking)

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